Better Takes Action
FW18 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

KEEN kicked off our FW2018 brand campaign "Better Takes Action" at Outdoor Retailer with a strong message--in order to make the world a better place, we need to act on the issues that matter most. We upcycled a vintage telephone booth and transformed it into an "Action Booth" that let participants immediately make a direct phone call to their elected officials, along with facilitating a set of call scripts on a wide range of issues from a group of non-profits who are working on these different issues. While we were at the show, Colorado's Senators stopped by and engaged in some advocacy.

The KEEN booth also won "Best-in-Booth" for our repurposed booth design, which included elements from past trade show booths, barns, and murals, amongst other repurposed booth elements.

I designed the graphics for the KEEN booth including the Action Booth and all related touchpoints, the product display light boxes, trade show booth wall graphics, repurposed badges, and showroom interior SEG graphics. Creative Direction by Rob Brooks and Jeff Samaripa, Art Direction by Maliah Coolidge.

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