Newport 15
KEEN Garage Retail Windows

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Newport sandal, KEEN’s iconic shoe, I was tasked with bringing a dynamic dimensional display to life in the KEEN Garages in Portland and Palo Alto, CA.

Working with Art Director Maliah Coolidge, I translated her comps into print files, and oversaw the installation on site in Portland. 

Challenges we faced included staying on budget but really wanting to go all out. I proposed a solution that let us keep our 3 layered graphic approach, but used less graphics but creating a “sandwich” of graphics, where the center layer only appeared to be made of many smaller pieces, but was actually a die-cut “jigsaw” puzzle shape. 

In addition to the windows, we also took over the “shop-in-shop” space to tell a complete anniversary story, including custom made display cases that shared stories of KEEN fans and their actual pair of beloved shoes. 

Art Director: Maliah Coolidge
Design & Production Design: Alie Kouzoukian
Project Manager: Margret Brown
Install & Printing: Forge Graphic Works

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