Sell-Through Assets: 2020

In 2020, KEEN focused on sharing the message of their sustainable technologies and their Detox Journey.

To support this goal, I overhauled the design of the 2020 Field Guide, a multi-page printed piece for Field Service Reps and retail staff members. Additionally, I contributed concepts for seasonal Key Art. 

2020 Field Guide
  • Booklet highlights the "Consciously Created" campaign and four key sustainable technologies. 

  • Spotlights six key products and acts as a reference for additional product and brand information as well as including FAQs and information about online training

  • I produced the final print files and attended on-site press check at the printer to ensure quality from beginning to end.

Seasonal Key Art Concepts
  • I created layout concepts for use by partners and retailers for the SS20 season. As of March 2020, these are not yet in market.


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