FW19 Sell-In Assets

For FW19, I led the design and art direction for the Trailhead and Lifestyle tech guides. Additionally for this season, I designed a Lifestyle lookbook, and art directed a series of curated product laydowns.

Tech guides are a core component of the sell-in assets we produce, and they are released at each Sales Meeting. Over the course of four seasonal cycles (from 2018-2019) I was the lead designer on this project. In 2019, I both art directed and designed.

The tech guides showcase the main feature/benefits for each marketing hero product and a selection of vibe and kneedown photography. 

This project has many moving parts and pieces, and usually consists of around 10-15 key products. There is a high level of collaboration with many stakeholders including leadership, category marketing, product design, and the in-house photo team. It requires attention to detail and strong organizational skills, and it is a fast paced, long-duration project.

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